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    Direct coal liquefaction (DCL) converts solid coal (H/C ratio ≈ 0.8) to liquid fuels (H/C ratio ≈ 2) by adding hydrogen at high temperature and pressures in the presence or absence of catalyst ...

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    Coal liquefaction - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia .Traduire cette page

    16/06/2020 · Indirect coal liquefaction (ICL) processes operate in two stages. In the first stage, coal is converted into syngas (a purified mixture of CO and H 2 gas). In the second stage, the syngas is converted into light hydrocarbons using one of three main processes: Fischer–Tropsch synthesis, methanol synthesis with subsequent conversion to gasoline or petrochemicals, and methanation.

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    Slurry Phase Iron Catalysts for Indirect Coal .Traduire cette page

    Slurry Phase Iron Catalysts for Indirect Coal LIquefaction. By A.K. Datye. Cite . BibTex; Full citation; Abstract . This report covers the fourth six month period of this three year grant under the University Coal Research program. During this period, we have begun the synthesis of precipitated catalysts using a bench-top spray dryer. The influence of binders on particle strength was also ...

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    Karen Zhou - Toronto, Canada Area | Professional .Traduire cette page

    Engaged in coal chemical industry, biomass liquefaction catalyst development. Conducted research on deep processing and utilization of coal tar in coal chemical industry Responsible for catalyst characterization equipment operation and maintenance Responsible for new hires training Assisted VP with the management of daily affairs.

    Titre : A dedicated researcher / chemical .
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    Coal Liquefaction - SlideShare

    Direct Liquefaction The primary function of the first stage is coal dissolution and is operated either without a catalyst or with only a low-activity disposable catalyst. The heavy coal liquids produced in this way are hydro treated in the second stage with a high-activity catalyst to produce additional distillate.

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    Progresses of coal liquefaction catalysts in Japan ...Traduire cette page

    Research and development of catalysts and their performances for coal liquefaction are reviewed, enphasizing the contribution of recent 20 years from Japan. A variety of iron based catalysts were extensively examined to define the pyrrhotite as the active species produced in the liquefaction process. Synthetic pyrite, synthesized hydroxy ferric oxide, finely ground pyrite and limonite have ...

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    Coal utilization - Liquefaction | BritannicaTraduire cette page

    Coal utilization - Coal utilization - Liquefaction: Liquefaction is the process of converting solid coal into liquid fuels. The main difference between naturally occurring petroleum fuels and coal is the deficiency of hydrogen in the latter: coal contains only about half the amount found in petroleum. Therefore, conversion of coal into liquid fuels involves the addition of hydrogen.

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    Direct Coal Liquefaction - Bellona · Fichier PDF

    disposable catalyst. The heavy coal liquids produced in this way are hydrotreated in the second stage in the presence of a high-activity catalyst to produce additional distillate. 12 Direct Liquefaction Benefits irect liquefaction efficiency may be higher than indirect technology. One ton of a high volatile bituinto hifor refinery upgrading and blending irect Liquefaction provides high a ...

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    The catalytic liquefaction of coal in the presence of ...Traduire cette page

    Liquefaction experiments have been performed on two Colombian coals under high pressure nitrogen atmospheres in the presence of ethanol and a catalyst of ZnCl2. It was observed that the production of products soluble in toluene and THF increased with reaction temperature and nitrogen pressure. The addition of a partial pressure of 10% hydrogen also increased yields although further increases ...

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    CN103706381A - Coal liquefaction catalyst and .Traduire cette page

    The coal liquefaction catalyst comprises 1-99 wt% of hydroxyl iron oxide and 99-1 wt% of iron sulfide, wherein sulfur in the iron sulfide is 0.46-45 wt% of the total mass of the catalyst. The present invention further provides a method for carrying out coal liquefaction by using the catalyst. The method comprises: adding the coal liquefaction catalyst to a coal oil mixture under an air-free ...

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    Advantages Direct Coal LiquefactionTraduire cette page

    Advanced coal liquefaction catalyst development.Quarterly.Abstract.The objective of this program is to identify advanced coal liquefaction catalyst and operating conditions for use in optimized, two-stage direct coal liquefaction process applications and to experimentally test catalysts in.

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    A study on high‐temperature co‐gasification .Traduire cette page

    An iron‐based catalyst was added during coal liquefaction process, and part of the catalyst was recovered together with residue. In the work of Popa et al. 45 and Chiang et al., 46 iron‐based catalysts could increase carbon conversion and syngas yield. Particularly, it could greatly reduce the activation energy of coal gasification. 4 CONCLUSIONS. Structural characterization and reactivity ...

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    Coal Liquefaction | The Canadian EncyclopediaTraduire cette page

    Coal liquefaction processes were first developed in the early part of the 20th century but later application was hindered by the relatively low price and wide availability of crude oil and natural gas. Large scale applications have existed in only a few countries, eg, Germany during WWII and South Africa since the 1960s. The oil crises of the 1970s and the threat of depletion of conventional ...

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    Catalysis in Direct Coal Liquefaction | SpringerLinkTraduire cette page

    Since coal is such a chemically heterogeneous material, no single-function catalyst appears able to satisfy all of the requirements for successful implementation of catalysts to full-scale coal liquefaction. If suitable catalyst combinations can be identified and developed for coal liquefaction this fact alone could lead to greatly increased possibilities for a coal liquefaction industry to ...

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    Clean liquid fuels from direct coal liquefaction ...Traduire cette page

    Direct coal liquefaction (DCL) converts solid coal (H/C ratio ≈ 0.8) to liquid fuels (H/C ratio ≈ 2) by adding hydrogen at high temperature and pressures in the presence or absence of catalyst. This review provides a comprehensive literature survey of the coal structure, chemistry and catalysis involved in direct liquefaction of coal.

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    Catalysts in coal liquefaction (Conference) | OSTI.GOVTraduire cette page

    Currently, catalysts are utilized in coal liquefaction for upgrading of initially dissolved products and refining. Emphasis is on the production of the secondary and finished products only. This function, and the catalysts currently used, is the result of many years of experience in the petroleum ...

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    Fischer–Tropsch process - WikipediaTraduire cette page

    Iron catalysts are preferred for lower quality feedstocks such as coal or biomass. Synthesis gases derived from these hydrogen-poor feedstocks has a low-hydrogen-content and require the water-gas shift reaction. Unlike the other metals used for this process (Co, Ni, Ru), which remain in the metallic state during synthesis, iron catalysts tend to form a number of phases, including various ...

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    Novel nanodispersed coal liquefaction catalysts: .Traduire cette page

    @article{osti_5186160, title = {Novel nanodispersed coal liquefaction catalysts: Molecular design via microemulsion-based synthesis}, author = {Osseo-Asare, K and Radovic, L R}, abstractNote = {The objective of this project is to pursue the development of highly dispersed and inexpensive catalysts for improved coal solubilization and upgrading of coal liquids.

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    Hydrothermal liquefaction of Ulva prolifera .Traduire cette page

    Hydrothermal liquefaction of Ulva prolifera macroalgae and the influence of base catalysts on products. Yan L(1), Wang Y(2), Li J(2), Zhang Y(3), Ma L(4), Fu F(5), Chen B(2), Liu H(2). Author information: (1)School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yulin University, Yulin 719000, China; Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Low Metamorphic Coal Clean Utilization, Yulin University, Yulin 719000, China ...

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    Direct Coal Liquefaction - an overview | .Traduire cette page

    All direct coal liquefaction methods, such as H-Coal, Solvent-Refined Coal, and Exxon Donor Solvent processes, are alike in one principal point: coal is thermally solubilized with certain solvents, usually coal-derived, with or without catalysts. If heated in a proper liquid for a short time, most of the coal dissolves.

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    Regal Resources Secures Funding for Underground .Traduire cette page

    The in situ process intends to utilise the insulative properties of coal combined with the controlled delivery mechanism of the high kinetic energy of water and catalysts (supplemented by natural catalysts/impurities located in all coal seams) to achieve liquefaction at a targeted 350 °C, thereby maximizing liquids production when compared to other coal liquefaction processes.

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